Sissoko debacle shows why Newcastle were right to get rid of him

Now that the transfer window is over and that we all have time to relax again, we can reflect on what a good move it was by Lee Charnley and Rafa to get rid of want-away midfielder Moussa Sissoko.

Despite the above statement, there was some part of me that wanted to see Moussa stay with us. For all his many faults, someone with his pace and strength would have been a real asset for any championship side, and when he was on his game (Vs Norwich), the results were awe inspiring. However, now that he has left I do feel that it is really for the best. Primarily, Sissoko had possibly the worst attitude of any recent Newcastle player, his constant interviews with the French media about Real Madrid and the ‘beautiful’ Arsenal were embarrassing and a distraction for everyone at the club. They only reflected badly on Sissoko, and the result being that, despite publicly declaring his love for Arsenal, Moussa signed for arch-rivals Tottenham…

Furthermore, whilst I do reminisce about Sissoko’s great performance’s, they were sparsely dotted around the season, and this is not the consistency required to help us get promoted. I would far rather a slightly less talented player who is willing to give his all for the club week in, week out, rather than a player totally focused on themselves. This was shown by the fact that on deadline day, Sissoko apparently did not travel to Everton, despite them having the only acceptable offer on the table at the time. This childish petulance is the kind of attitude that helped get the club relegated. On this note, I do feel it only right then to applaud the behaviour of players such as Wijnaldum and particularly Janmaat, who gave his all to the end of his time at Newcastle, and did not resort to silly interviews before quietly transferring. As a result, we can be thankful that we have lost Sissoko’s diva like antics, whilst marvelling at the bargaining skills of Lee Charnely and Mike Ashely to get 30 Million pounds from Daniel Levy for a player not worth half that much in reality, we can let him be Spurs’ problem now.


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